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● How much is shipping?
   All orders from SoleusRunning.com.au are shipped for FREE within Australia using Australia Post Parcel Post. All orders to New Zealand will be charged a flat rate of $10.

● Do you ship watches outside of the Australia?
   Yes, we also ship watches to New Zealand, please check the Soleus Global Distribution page to search for Soleus in your country.

● Can I wear my watch in the water?
   Please refer to this chart for recommended activities based on water resistance

● Something is wrong with my Soleus watch, how can I get it fixed?
   Please get in touch with us here

● How do your GPS products work?
    The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide location system that can determine exact geographic location using established satellite technology. The system is made up of a network of satellites orbiting Earth working together with monitoring stations on the ground operated by the U.S. Department of Defense. The U.S. government provides access to the GPS system free of charge for use by companies with GPS enabled devices, so we all share the same information.
    A GPS receiver (like those found in Soleus devices) can calculate its position to an accuracy of approximately 10 meters based on the available location data being transmitted. When you are ready to run using a Soleus GPS device, (once you are outside within clear range of the satellites) simply enable your GPS mode (standing still helps locate a signal much quicker), and once a signal is discovered, start your workout

● I need help setting/setting up my new Soleus watch.
   Start by visiting our documentation page for manuals and quick start guides for most of our products. Video guides are also available  for a few of our GPS models on our instructional videos page.

● Can I change the battery on my Soleus watch?
   Opening the caseback of your watch will void the warranty. If your watch is still under warranty, you may send it to our service and repairs center to have an authorized Soleus repair technician complete the battery replacement (This will maintain your warranty.) If your warranty is expired, we recommend taking your watch to a licensed jewelry/watch repair technician for battery replacement. This will ensure the water tight seal in your watch to maintain its water resistance.

● How do I interpret the battery meter on my Dash (SR018 / SR019) watch?
   Please refer to this guide to understand the battery meter

During Installation

● If a “setup.exe” window opens asking you to “run” or “save”, click “run”.
● If a “setup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer” window opens, do the following:
        Click “actions”
        Click “run anyway”
● If an “Application Install – Security Warning” window opens, click INSTALL

 Connecting the USB cable to your watch

● Make sure that the 4 pins on the charging cable align with the 4 charging pads on the back of your device.

 During Soleus Sync data fetching

● If Soleus Sync has any issues fetching the activity from your device, close the application and re-open it.

 Syncing with STRAVA

● Only GPS enabled files will sync to STRAVA.


● If you press the Reauthorize button it will "forget" your authorization to strava.com and prompt you again next time.
● If the application tells you to REFRESH but is unable to fetch data from your device after you click REFRESH:
        Click EXIT to close the application
        Disconnect the USB cable from your computer (leave the device connected to the cable)
        Reconnect the USB cable to your computer
        Restart the application