Soleus in Action

Cross Country season is in full swing and we have been spotting our watches all over the place! Check out some of these photos of Soleus in Action and be sure to share your photos for a chance to be highlighted on our site.



The University of Texas Women's Cross Country team in our White Chicked.



Flash Fitness Magazine Feature

Flash, one of our chest based heart rate monitors, is featured in the October 2013 issue of Fitness Magazine! 

Flash HRM enables you to set a personalized training zone and maintain your cadence to achieve optimum performance. The comfortable chest belt wirelessly sends your BPM to your watch or analog gym equipment for convenient display and the watch can also audibly alert you to make sure you stay in the zone. 

At a retail price of $59.00, Flash allows you to try "Striding to the Beat" without breaking the bank--- which is always a big plus in our book!


August 2013 Competitor Cover

Look what we have spotted! It's our very own Dash on the cover of the August 2013 issue of Competitor. 

Soleus Magazine Features

Soleus has been making quite the splash lately across some of the leading national magazines. Here are some of our favorites:

Competitor Magazine May 2013 featuring Ultra Sole 

Women's Running June 2013 featuring Chicked

Women's Health June 2013 featuring Dash

Triathlete Magazine's Head-to-Head GPS Comparison

June's issue of Triathlete Magazine featured a head-to-head comparison of the GPS Fit and the Garmin Forerunner 10. 

The verdict? Soleus wins for capabilities! The Fit allows you to track interval workouts and display them on a split screen which is a huge plus for runners while training. 

Added bonus? All GPS watch purchases now come with a data upload cable at no additional cost! 

2013 Gumption Gear Guide


Check out the Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 in Gumption Gear's 2013 Essential Run Gear Guide

"GPS Fit 1.o offers attractive style, powerful performance and user-friendly function in a running watch that won’t exhaust your wallet."

GPS Fit 1.0 Review


"The latest addition to the Soleus Running GPS line-up, the Fit GPS 1.0, caters to conscientious endurance athletes and runners of all stripes.  The new Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 offers attractive style, powerful performance and user-friendly function in a running watch that won’t exhaust your wallet."

"Whether careening through canyons, concrete jungles or forging your way under heavy tree cover, the signal of the GPS Fit 1.0 holds steady, ensuring that you’ll never be left questioning how much of the run didn’t get tracked."

"Bottom Line…
If you’re looking for an entry level GPS watch that accurately tracks your speed, pace and distance without breaking the bank, the new GPS Fit 1.0 from Soleus Running will help you confidently move ahead of your competition."