GPS Fit 1.0 Review


"The latest addition to the Soleus Running GPS line-up, the Fit GPS 1.0, caters to conscientious endurance athletes and runners of all stripes.  The new Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 offers attractive style, powerful performance and user-friendly function in a running watch that won’t exhaust your wallet."

"Whether careening through canyons, concrete jungles or forging your way under heavy tree cover, the signal of the GPS Fit 1.0 holds steady, ensuring that you’ll never be left questioning how much of the run didn’t get tracked."

"Bottom Line…
If you’re looking for an entry level GPS watch that accurately tracks your speed, pace and distance without breaking the bank, the new GPS Fit 1.0 from Soleus Running will help you confidently move ahead of your competition."